Box10 Brawl


Box10 Brawl is an ultimate arcade fighting game. Choose your fighter and make your way to the top of the ladder. Make combos during the fight and charge enough power for your special moves. Make each round count and don't back off. Challenge your friends to a 1vs1 Box10 Brawl battle to see who's got the best fighting skills in town. Game on!


4.5 (674 Total Ratings)


Fighting Games Martial Arts Games


Punch - U key for player 1, 4 num key for player 2 Kick - I key for player 1, 5 num key for player 2 Special move - O key for player 1, 2 num key for player 2 Block - K key for player 1, 6 num key for player 2 Movement - WASD key for player 1, Arrow keys for player 2

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