Harry Potter And Marauders Map


Hogwarts is under attack! Navigate Harry Potter through mazes within the Marauders Map to collect the pieces he needs to repair the damages. Grab the cloak of invisibility to keep yourself safe! Dodge the opposing wizards as they fly through the corridors and try to stop Harry. The levels themselves are changing form as a result of sorcery.


4.5 (40 Total Ratings)


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The aim is to collect all the structural blocks of Hogwarts Castle, Lupins Classroom and Azkaban which are spread all over the maze before time runs out. But watch out there are guards all over the place. And remember the game ends if you are caught by the guards three times. Collect the coins to gain points and also make use of the invisible suit. You can also teleport yourself inside the maze. Use the Arrow Keys to move around inside the maze.

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