Zombie Infestation


In Zombie Infestation a dark zombie shooting game Days after a meteorite fell in the outskirts of a small remote town, people started changing without reason into mindless zombies. It is believed that an alien virus, Strain 116, was the cause of the chaos. You and your men, were sent in to find and to kill the Carrier, who is believed to be the host of the virus. After much struggle though, all you team members have perished. Now, alone and trapped within the dark abandoned bomb shelter, you must brave the hordes of the undead; kill the carrier, and get out alive.


4.1 (62 Total Ratings)


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Movement = use W,A,S,D keys Toggle Weapons = 1,2,3,4,5 keys To Shoot Enemy = Mouse To Pick Up Items and to Open Doors = Space Bar

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