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Show your knight skills, in this heart-racing and exciting action fighting action game. Fight and protect Wayland keep, as the legendary hero, Argus. You must survive 12 weeks of battle against the Eastern Empire. Enemies will relentlessly chase you, so do not be afraid to fight back. Wherever you go, they will follow. When they fight you, click on them to engage in battle. You'll automatically fight back. You have two kinds of abilities--hero and resources. You gain new ones by fighting and winning battles. You can use resource attacks in battle for as many are available in a battle. You can only use hero abilities once a day. Choose wisely! The best strategy is to use your hero abilities when things get too rough. You will never know when the next boss or enemies will be too strong. If you fail to kill all the enemies and protect the gate, it's game over. You must try again. Protect the land at all costs!


Move/Control Argus with the Mouse use 'WASD' (or arrows) to control the camera Numbers to quickly select magical abilities Space bar to pause

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