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Begin your destined journey to become a Knight of the Diamonds, restoring peace and justice. In this deep and interesting RPG game, you are the master of your fate! This is a classic RPG game. To beat tough monsters, you need to level up. To level up, you'll have to fight a lot of monsters and carefully update your stats with points won from leveling up. Try to avoid gathering stronger monsters in crowds until you're able to get magic powers. They will overwhelm you, and quickly deplete your HP. To ward them off with magic, you use MP. HP and MP are replenished with their respective potions. HP is red, and MP is blue. You can purchase them from the forest spirit (white flame), or win them by defeating monsters. HP is gradually restored from 10 and up. Anything below that requires a HP vial to restore. Remember to save your game! You can save from the options menu. That way, if you are killed, you can start from the last place you were in. To win this game, you must complete the quests to find the Holy Symbol of The Order. There are other quests along the way, but this is the main quest. Can you fulfill your destiny to become a great knight?


Use the mouse to: --Attack --Interact with objects. --Move around by pointing and clicking to a new location. --Change game options from the options menu, save your game. Numbers 1-9 for action options.

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