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Get ready to aim, shoot, and fire your way across the cosmos, in this traditional pixel spaceship shooting game. You are in survival mode with one mission--destroy the sensors, interceptors, and more. Any sensors (or other objects on other levels) you see must be destroyed. If you pass up one or more, the mission is a failure, and you must start again. You can move on both sides of the screen. Meaning, if you hit the edge of one, you'll come back on the other. Use this to your advantage. You can only dodge fire for so long, as the levels progress. Switch between defense and offense, making sure to take out your targets in the process. Mind your power and life meter. Once they are out, you have the choice to regenerate or start over again. If you start over, you start from the beginning. Meet the objectives and take out the enemy!


Z To shoot X to place a detonator C to place golden detonator. 2 to regenerate.

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