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Get gross, wild, and crazy in this wacky and funny 5th installment of Hobo! This side scrolling fighter game is a hilarious adventure to get all your gross hobo fighting skills back! There are three levels of play--easy, normal, and hard. Easy mode is best for beginners, and doesn't have as many enemies on the screen. Normal is regular mode, and hard has the most enemies on screen. To conserve HP, dodge and fight. Don't just stand there, and don't hesitate! Dodge attacks, but throw back some of your own as well. It's pretty easy to knock out the aliens, but harder to knock out clones. The clones have combos you need, as well as the same skills you have. As you beat the aliens and clones, you will get your combos back one by one. Watch your HP, because it's game over if you die. You'll have to start over from the first screen, unless you have a checkpoint password. Fight hard, destroy the clones and aliens, and get your gross hobo combos back!


Arrow keys to move. A to punch and pick up objects. P to pause the game, and check out combos. S to kick.

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