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Take to the skies, aiming for outer space, in this fun and addictive distance game. Upgrade your rocket with money earned from voyages and coins/bags/bills found in the sky. Create the ultimate vessel to reach the stars. You will have to work your way from the bottom, so save every penny to get good upgrades in the beginning. The better your rocket, the longer you stay in the air. The longer you stay in the air, the more money you will make. Take notice of how much damage you take on the body meter. Watch your fuel with the gas meter. Watch boost levels on the blue vial above the fuel tank. Try to go with the wind when it blows. avoid the helicopters and other airborne items. Head toward the money and fuel/repair kits. When you're about to dive, straighten your ship and accelerate. Once you're out of gas and boost energy, you'll start to crash. Max out all your upgrades and make it to the moon!


Arrow keys to move. Accelerate with Up arrow key. Navigate with left/right arrow keys.

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