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Infect as many cells as possible, in this fun and scientific action game. You are a virus, and your mission is to infect. You'll be stopped by the immune system, but you must press on. To infect, position your tail fibers above the cell. Some cells will resist, if you are underneath them or are weak. Move quickly--the immune system cells are hot on your tail, and will relentlessly follow you until they get you. Try not to hesitate or let the immune system cells get your cornered. Always have an opening to the cells to complete your mission. Once you're hit, the game is over and you must start again. In Pandemic mode, things are a little trickier. Cells are stronger, and more immune system allies are out to get you. The bright pink ones are faster, larger, and a lot more aggressive. As soon as you move, they move. As soon as you hesitate, they've got you. How many levels can your survive and infect?


Use the arrow keys to move around.

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