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Skate on the ice as you try your best to control yourself on the slippery, frozen lake! Drink hot chocolate to keep yourself warm, but get them quickly! Hot chocolate melts the ice and leaves a hole in the lake! Your goal is to collect as many presents as you can. And watch your speed! It's easy to go too fast and lose control! Iskate is a game of skill and grace.


This is a game that requires some of your best Ice Skating skills. Your goal is to pick up as many presents as you can while skating on the ice. It's very cold on the skating rink, so to keep yourself warm, you must pick up mugs of hot chocolate as they appear. But be quick, because the mugs are so hot that they will soon melt through the ice and leave a hole behind. It's a good idea to avoid the holes, or you may fall in. If your COLD-O-METER drops to zero, you will get too cold to skate and lose one turn. If you hit a wall, you will fall down, but all that you lose is a little time. To skate, press the Up Arrow Key. The longer you press, the faster you will go. To turn right, press the Right Arrow Key. To turn left, press the Left Arrow Key. Note that you will need to have some forward momentum in order to turn. To brake, press the Down Arrow Key.

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