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Parrot And Friends is a free colorful game inspired by a the famous Tetris. Simple and addictive, you'll just have to make lines with blocks made of cute colored animals ! Have fun trying to beat other players highest scores making combos and survive as long as possible ! Will you reach and survive at Level 10 ?


Make as many lines as possible with the falling Tetriminos and try to make combos. Avoid the blocks reaching the top of the screen ! Mobile: - Use on-screen gamepad to move, rotate and drop the blocks - Touch the screen to pause the game Desktop: - Use arrow keys to move, rotate and drop the blocks - Click on the menu items to play and setup game - Click on the screen to pause the game Keyboard shortcuts: - K = Hide on-screen gamepad - N = New game - P = Pause game - M = Music on/off - S = Sound on/off

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