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Dive into the world of tasty pizza pie delivery, in this simple and fun driving game. Drive around town delivering pizzas to get money for an upgraded car! Avoid pedestrians and getting into accidents with other drivers. The more hits you take, the more damage to your pizzas. If your pizzas get damaged too much, you won't get a good tip. Also, watch out for how many times you run people over! The cops don't like that, and will chase you all over the screen. If you're caught, it's game over. While you're delivering food, there will be all sorts of things you can pick up--from nitro to make you go faster, to useless dice. To navigate to your destination, switch between watching the road and watching the map at the same time. Watch your gas meter, also. There are Dino gas stations scattered throughout the map. Burn rubber, melt cheese, and get those deliveries to the customers on time!


Arrow keys to drive the car around town, view orders. Enter/mouse click: accept orders. S key to save the game. Spacebar to pause game/check inventory

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