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Take to the high seas in search of treasure, in this water-based platform adventure! Find all three routes of the Kaluha Triangle, to get the most treasure as possible. Upgrade your submarine to go deeper. Use dolphins to get hints about treasure location! You have three lives only, so try not to get eaten by the sharks in the water. Once you've lost all three, it's game over. If you've managed to save your game, you can start from there. Watch the gauges on the screen. There's pressure, oxygen, and battery life. If you go too deep, the pressure increases. If you're out too long, the battery life decreases. And, of course, being underwater depletes the oxygen tank. Use the money you've collected from treasures to upgrade your submarine. The more upgrades, the longer you'll be able to stay below to get great treasure. If there are dolphins nearby, sometimes they'll tell you when there's treasure around. If you drive away, they disappear. Will you become a great treasure hunter on this mission? Scour the deep blue and find out!


Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the ship and the submarine. Spacebar to drop the sub from the ship/bring it back up. "A" button to get the treasure.

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