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Head straight for the helm of the spaceship, youth! It is from today that you have to go a long way through the immense space. Travel the planets and collect green crystals (local currency) along the way. And only then call them what you want, even coins. But only with their help you will be able to open the chest and get a new look for your spaceship. And then the game will become even more interesting! Now "Space Jump - Fly in a spaceship" has: * Beautiful graphics * Nice sounds, both background composition and sounds of collecting coins and jumping around the planets * Lots of skins for your ship (up to crazy, all as you like) * The background changes every time, try to keep track * Buy not the skin itself, but the chest and knock it out * The longer you play the more difficult * Very small application weight * Few ads and no donations * Space Jump is ideal for resolving disputes among friends * Compete with your friends! Overcoming the distance from one planet to another, you not only get points, but also extend your life. In other words, jump to survive.


The game is controlled by means of pressing one button: the space bar.

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