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Run your garage and serve customers with coffee and car-related needs in this store simulation game! You are the mechanic of a one-woman shop, and you've got to race to make as much money as you can, before time runs out. Move quickly to serve all the customers. Remember--first come, first served. Don't forget the customers who've been waiting the longest. While you must multitask as levels increase, if you keep customers waiting too long, you may not make as much money and you might lose them! As levels progress, so does the demand. Some customers may want more than one job done, as well as a cup of coffee. As you're working, some customers might show up in twos or threes. Create a balance between car repairs and serving coffee, when asked. Memorize which jobs take the longest, so you can move quickly and multitask. To improve service, take the money you've earned from repairs and serving to increase your garage. If you don't make enough money, you can always replay the level until you get it right. As you play, you will unlock achievements for doing things such as serving 20 customers, or collecting candies. Can you run the shop and keep the customers happy?


Use the mouse to point and click different options in the game.

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