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Step into the world of monster fights and training, in this addictive creature role-playing game. Choose your monster, train it, and compete against others to get to the very top. Beat the current academy master, and become the greatest. The barn is where you train and take care of your monster. You can also review stats. In training mode, you can strengthen your monster for fights,shop, and check out the calendar to see when events will happen. In pet mode, you can interact with your monster. Each action will either make the monster feel spoiled or disciplined. If it is spoiled, it might find items for you. if it is disciplined, stats will be increased to the max. How to get the best out of your monster: -Remember to strengthen agility to avoid attacks in battle, and how soon the energy bar recharges. -Strengthen intelligence to increase percentage of critical hits, accuracy, and magic attacks. -Use activity points to train your monster's stats and interact in pet mode. You get one point per month, so use sparingly. In battles: You will start out with a few moves, and slowly progress with more. Use them wisely, and don't use the energy bar as soon as it rises. Buy your time, and strike with some energy left over. Watch out for ailments. They are temporary, but some have great effects that could affect your monster's ability to fight. Come prepared to do battle--make sure your stats are at the max. Training your monster: There are five ways to train your monster--power, defense, agility, intelligence, and monster battles. To strengthen your monster, you must play mini-games to get experience. Each game is different. They are free the first time, but cost an activity point afterward. To get the best score, try to do your best in each game with a "good" rating. Shop: The shop has items you can use in-battle or in-training to improve your monster's stats. Remember to stock up on items that will get rid of status ailments during fights. Ability Tree: Use ability points to gain extra power in a monster's specialty and non-specialty classes. As you level up, your monster becomes stronger. You will also get points to spend on new abilities. Each month (on the fourth week), there are competitions to fight in. It takes an in-game week to participate. If you win trophies, you can view them from the gallery. Saving: Your data is automatically saved, so you can come back to the game at any time. Make it to the top! Become the very best!


Use the mouse to select items, fight, and interact with the monster.

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