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In this exciting and fast-finger action side-view platform game, you must fight an evil ninja clan to recover your beloved girlfriend. Wield the weapons and skills of a ninja to make your way across the screen to beat the game. You are armed with seven special weapons, and five main weapons that change with each level. Each weapon and special weapon has its own amount of damage. You have three lives per level. To attack, press A. To switch special weapons, use the numeric keys 1-7, or press the spacebar. To use throw-able weaponry, press S. If you run out of special weapons, you will automatically be cycled to whatever is available. If you press the attack button quickly enough, you can do more damage with small attack combos. Don't hesitate to swing first. The enemies strike back with fast force, and you must be relentless with each attack. If you run from them, they will chase you. As you fight, enemies may drop boxes to replenish your HP, or special weapon supply. With each passing level, the amount of enemies will increase. If you die, you will lose a life, but re-spawn at your last saved place. Be careful--if you die in a spot close to water or an open space, you will die again. Try to move away from spots like these.


Use the directional keys to move the player. keys 1-7 or space for special weapon change. W key- change weapons A key- Attack S- throw weapon D-Defense

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