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Become a stealth agent in this mind-bending stealth adventure game. You must get into the warehouse, and complete many other missions to complete the story. It isn't easy. You must sneak behind soldiers and kill them, BEFORE they see you. As soon as you are found out, alarms go off, and the soldiers will shoot until you're dead. If you die, you restart at the last saved location. If you're lucky, you can escape to the next area while being seen. However, it defeats the purpose of STEALTH. You can't always see what's ahead of you, even with the soldiers located on the map. However, you must find a way to get behind them, so you won't lose precious health points. Once missions are completed, you move on to the next, almost immediately. Complete the first 17 to unlock the bonus missions! Can you get through the warehouse in one piece?


Arrow keys, W A S D or mouse to move. Shift key (while walking) to mask footsteps.

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