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There's three ways to play this wacky and fun racing game, featuring Disney's Phineas and Ferb! In one player mode, you can race the course against the computer as Phineas or Ferb. In two player mode, you're racing against another player as Phineas or Ferb! Start your engines! First you must build your race car from the ground up. Give her a name, and head for the track! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to race around the track. Try to stay ahead of the other car! If you fall behind, hit the turbo boost to get ahead again! Lap around the track three times, aiming to beat the other car's time. Once you've won (or lost!) the race, you can submit your score, print it out, or start over again.


Player 1: Arrow keys-- to drive Control to turbo boost. Player 2-- W A S D keys to drive Shift key to Turbo boost.

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