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Rotate blueprints of everyday items and buildings to get the big picture, in this fun and brain-teasing puzzle game. The images are already there, but you have to find them with a careful hand and a sharp mind. There are two modes of play: Relax and Hard. Relax and Hard mode. Relaxed mode is best for beginners and casual players. Take your time finding the images by carefully rotating the board around. You won't get penalized for how much time you take. Although, you get more points for finishing each level quickly. If you take TOO long, you get no points at all. Hard mode is tougher. The rules of time still apply, but the pieces are spread out, cut up, and even harder to figure out at first. You have to really play around with the rotation to find out what the object is. Once you have figured it out, the level is complete. You can choose to move on, or go to the next puzzle. Remember--look at the images carefully, with a slow and steady hand. Sometimes they are upside down or backwards. Also, watch the board itself. The blueprint board will always have to be straight/close to straight when you find the image. There are 65 levels of puzzles in all. How many can you solve?


Use the mouse to rotate and turn images to find out what they are in the game.

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