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Fight your way out of hell in this thrilling, heart-pounding adventure platform game! Use your trusty arrow to shoot hoards of skeletal enemies, finding coins, weapons, and armor upgrades along the way. Skeletal enemies are relentless in their attack. To get a good shot, you must be far away or slightly close. If you are directly on top, they'll be able to hit you, but you won't be able to hit them. Sometimes they drop helmets and weapons that are better than yours. Equip them for better shooting damage and protection. As you progress in the game, enemies get harder, and groups of skeletons increase in crowd size. There are also mini-bosses requiring good timing and dodging skills. Make sure you have the best equipment on to fight! Watch your health levels! Once you beat an enemy, you are restored some of your lost health. Walking around also restores health. If you die, you'll restart at the last place you were in. If you reach a re-spawn point/gem, the same applies. Once you complete a level, you return to camp. You can progress to the next level, or upgrade your armor, weapons, or get potions for health, speed, and rushing action in fights. You can also check your stats for shots, kills, and more in the achievement room. Fight the skeletal warriors and get out of hell!


Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move around. Use E and Q to switch weapons. The left mouse button picks up items, as well as shoots or uses your equipped weapon. P pauses your game, and R resumes.

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