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In this hilariously gross side-scrolling fight game, you are an escaped hobo, trying to escape the wrath of the police. They're hot on your trail, and it's up to you to use your strange and gross hobo moves to get them off your back! They want you dead or alive, and they're not playing fair. There are three levels of play--Easy, Normal, and Difficult. The easy mode is less stressful, and gives you time to learn the controls of the game. Normal mode is a bit more difficult, and Hard mode requires quick fingers and a strategic mashing of fight/action buttons to survive. Move ahead of your enemies before they get to you! Use projection-based combos to take on two or more at a time. Unlock new moves by using combos! You can also pick up items around you, such as garbage cans. Pick them up and toss them at those bothersome cops and citizens in your way! Fight hard, but watch your health meter. Once it goes out, it's game over! You'll have to start again, unless you have a password from a checkpoint. Fight for your freedom, crazy hobo man!


Use the A button to punch and pick up objects. Use the S button to kick. Use the Arrow keys to move around. Double tap to run. Press fight buttons quickly to create combos.

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