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Protect the people and the king against the likes of the Dark Horde, in this wave defense game! Use strategy to protect the three paths against enemies. Hold your ground and save the kingdom! Heal heroes by matching same-colored buildings in one row. Matching four or more unlocks a special ability. Collect money by matching the yellow taverns. A match of 4 or more will give you treasure. There are six wall pieces per three paths. If all are destroyed, you fail the mission. If you succeed, you can upgrade your character (by equipping weapons), check your treasure, and more before the next battle. As you progress, you will also be able to add more heroes to your team. These are temporary guards, and there are 3 types: Marksmen, Clerics, and Warriors. Marksmen shoot arrow, Clerics cast spells, and Warriors, fight! To triumph over enemies, don't fight and match blindly. Have a strategy to kill the waves as they come. Skeletons require the least action, but orcs and dragons require more fighter power. Large wave crowds can be tamed with at least for guardians per wall. Aim to triumph at the end of each wave level, meaning no enemies have reached the walls. If you fail, you can restart in the last saved spot until you win. Fight hard for the honor of the kingdom, and kill off the Dark Horde!


Use the mouse to play the game and upgrade characters.

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