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You are Mr. Pou, in this cute and fun puzzle game. You must find a way to your home in each level, and it is no easy task! Sometimes your home is in high places, requiring you to use your floating powers to reach the top. Other times, you may need to move things around to get home, such as buttons and boxes. There may be obstacles such as spikes you must avoid, as well. Each level has its own level of difficulty you must solve quickly, because your level score goes down quickly with each second. The more time you take, the lower your score. The lower your score, the lower your level rating. If you run out of points, it's game over! You must replay that level. To improve your rating at any time, you can replay levels until you get that perfect score. If you mess up, you can also replay. Can you help Mr. Pou get home?


Use the arrows to move Mr. Pou around the level. Use the Z button to make Mr. Pou float.

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