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Put up your dukes and knock out your opponent, in this point and click fighting game! Expel your fury in two modes of play--Campaign and Custom mode--to show everyone who's the boss! Campaign Mode: Start your way from the bottom, fighting weak opponents to gain experience points to contend with harder matches. use your experience points to make your character stronger. Powah: determines how much of a punch you will land on your opponent's face. Footwork: determines the percentage of foot to face attacks. Stubbornness: determines how long you will last in the fight. Smartness: nobody knows! Each enemy has their own hit point amount. If your health is lower than their hit point, you'll get knocked out as soon as they land the first or second punch once their damage bar rises. You can always start over if this happens. If you win the match, you can always replay to get more experience points. Winning and replaying are the only ways to get exp. points! There are 50 matches in all! Custom mode: In this freeplay mode, create your own character, and beat them up. It doesn't get you any exp. points, but you can beat them up and heal them as many times as you'd like! Will you come out as the champion in this fight?


Use the mouse to click and punch/kick your opponent's face.

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