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Bust up creepy skeletons in this goofy puzzle aim-and-shoot game. Use aiming, basic physics, and good timing to defeat the mage skeleton, hell hounds, and more. There are 30 levels of brain-teasing mayhem. Each level progresses in difficulty, requiring you to take earned exp points to upgrade and purchase weapons. There are two ways to earn exp--play the hell hound shooter game (click the dog icon floating around the level screen), or complete a game level. When you're stuck, the hell hound game is a great way to get extra exp for upgrades. If you get stuck on a level, you have three chances to skip it. You can also come back to it at a later time. The best strategy for beating most levels is to angle your weapons. Since you cannot get a full view, you have to guess blindly. To help yourself out, purchase the trajectory mark upgrade as soon as possible. It will help you figure out the best places to shoot. Defeat the skeletons!


Use the mouse to aim by dragging. Click to shoot.

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