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In this exciting action game, you are the stunt man. It's your job to make the stunts look awesome by showing off your moves. You get major points if you break stuff, yourself, hit targets, and go airborne! To complete a level, you must make it past the final camera crew to hit your mark. You get to choose what kind of stunt you will do. Running man Stunt: Running and jumping. Bike Bandit Stunt: Faster, but much more fragile. You must control the bike at all times. Mustang Mayhem Stunt: Slower than the bike, but tougher. Before each level starts, you are given a preview of what it's like, to give you an idea of what you can do, and where to be the most careful. If you mess up, you can always press R to restart the level. If you crash, you will have to restart. Once you complete a level, you can replay it as many times as you'd like to get a better score. As you progress, the difficulty of each level increases, and you have to learn how to avoid crashing. Show off your moves and record the best scenes!


Use the up arrow key to run. Use the space bar to jump, pop wheelies when you're on the motorcycle, or to hit nitro in the car. R to restart a level.

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