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Mindscape is a brain-teasing platform action game that will keep you busy for hours. Run, jump, and flip scenery upside down as you try to escape the strange dreamworld of delusion! Each world is different than the next, but the object remains the same--find the door leading to the end of each level's world, and make your way to the next. Avoid the enemies by timing your approach, or jumping over them. Each time you come into contact, you lose health. If you get hit too many times, you die and will regenerate at your last location. It's very easy to get turned around in worlds where up and down are so close together. Take your time and map out your steps. Follow the signs, and where they point. They're hints about where to go next. Trophies: As you progress in the game, there's special trophies to unlock for doing things such as finding secret items, and beating the game. Can you collect them all? Have fun fighting your way through the strange reality!


Use the arrow keys, or W A S D keys to move around the game screen.

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