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Smiley Collapse is a fast-paced puzzle platform game requiring a quick mind and swift fingers. Your job is to keep the smiley face from making it to the top of the screen by rolling it off platforms. You can't spend too much time thinking where you're going next. JUST ROLL! The longer you hesitate, the sooner the moving screen brings you closer to the top. If you move quickly and roll ahead of the screen, you'll be fine. Create a rhythm to your rolling, and try not to stop for loner than one second. You have three lives to try. Once you hit the top of the screen, you lose a life. Along the way down, there are powerups that will slow down how fast the screen moves, or make the platforms invisible. The better you are at reaching the bottom, the higher the levels. Each level increases in speed, and keeping up is very important to avoid losing lives. After you're done, submit your highest score or try again! 2 Player Mode: The same as 1-Player mode, with player 2 using keys W,A, and D to navigate the course.


Player 1: Use Arrow Keys Player 2: Use Keys WAD

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