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Take to the sky, in the fast--paced puzzle shooter game! Pop as many balloons as you can, trying to reach the level amount and more to win trophies and points for upgrades. Try to meet the level goal first. The faster you get there, the more time you'll have to go for extra points. Learn the rhythm of each level quickly. You may have to fail and retry a few times to get the hang of it. Once you beat a level, try to get good upgrades as soon as possible. The dart upgrades make darts go faster and add more to fire. The tentacles grab more balloons all at once. The boomerang grabs missed balloons, and the bombs blow everything out of the way. As you progress, the levels get faster and crazier. Try to keep up! Once you mess up, it's game over and you must start again from the very beginning. How high can you get? Submit your best score!


Use the mouse to guide the money and his weapons in the air.

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