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Get into the groove of physics and momentum, with this interesting brain-teasing action puzzle game! You are a little black spider, and it's your job to keep going right to complete the levels ahead of you. In skill mode, it's simple--keep going right. Avoid the spikes and monsters. Keep yourself in the air for as long as possible. Try to get a high score! In puzzle mode, it's the same principle. However, you're not aiming for feet. You're trying to pass the levels. Create a rhythm and try to stay on top of it. If you lose momentum, you're stuck. If you're mid-air, you'll fall and die. If you're caught up, you'll have to let go and re-start. Try not to let go too soon. Use the ability to let go to jump for a few seconds, to get closer to the next attachment point. Think like a spider! If you fail a level, you lose a life. If you lose all of them, it's game over.


Use the mouse to click and shoot web. Let go of the button to fall.

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