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This latest bike racing simulator is something every game enthusiast is going to love. This impossible Real Bike Racing has everything that you have been craving for. Guess what we have in it for you? Well, almost everything, crazy missions, new bikes, modification options, unique maps and a lot more. Stunt City mode is for you if you love freestyle biking, whether you are interested in drifting, stunts or racing, this mode is all that you need. Stunt City has a modern look with flyovers, buildings, roads, grounds and a lot more to give you ultimate 3D bike racing experience. Enter this mode and you are free to do whatever you want to with your favorite bike, no time limits and no missions. Big City is for those who want to challenge their skills and race against the time. This impossible Real Bike Racing brings you 10 daring missions that not everyone can complete, can you? For all the 3D bike racing enthusiasts, this is the chance to further enhance your skills. Collecting checkpoints, completing the mission within a given time frame, earning points and whatever comes in your mind, Big City has got everything. Missions... 1 – Collect 7 checkpoints within 60 seconds. These checkpoints are placed carefully in the city and finding them one by one is the key, you think you can do this? 2- Hit 130 km/h within 70 seconds, you have to find an area where you can hit 130 km/h. Impossible 3D Bike racing is getting interesting, right? 3- Collect 20 cash bags in 75 seconds, this is going to be challenging because you will only have 75 seconds to complete this mission. This is the thirs mission of 3D Bike Racing but don’t take it easy. 4- Follow VIP car until it reaches its final destination. This is going to be a test of your driving skills. 5- Find 12 keys within 135 seconds to complete the mission, now this is unique, finding keys in 3D Bike Racing simulator. And this I not going to be in the city. 6- Reached the accident spot and collect the dropped money. Don’t get lost on the way, you have to collect the money in the minimum time. 7- Follow the taxi and stay as close as possible. Most of the people couldn’t complete this mission, let’s see if you can do this. 8- Chase the car and destroy it. 9- Your friend is waiting for you in the boat and you have only a minute to reach the boat. This 10- Another mission of destroying the car, but you have to chase it!


Use Arrow keys, Up Arrow or W for accelerating, down Arrow or S for brakes, left Arrow or A and right Arrow or D for navigating left and right respectively. Use Left Shift for Boost Nitro and Space Bar for HandBrake.

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