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Set to the high seas, in this fun and interesting puzzle shooter game. Create matches of three or more to get rid of the cannonballs. Aim, shoot, and don't let the balls get to the "X"! There are 3 levels of play: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy is for beginners, and has no scoring bonus. Normal has 15x scoring bonus, and Hard has 2x scoring bonus.) Each ball has a mark, which has its own properties. -The arrow mark pushes the line back. -The anchor shows the cannonballs. -The bulls-eye increases firing speed and accuracy. -The snake mark a monster to fight for you. -The bomb explodes, destroying nearby balls. Create chain reactions and combo bonuses to rack up huge points. Fill up the power meter to complete the level. Use the fireable power-ups to get out of heated situations! (Remember to click the power-up icon of choice before firing.) -Bomb power-ups blow things up. -Color removers destroy all of the balls of the color it hits. -Multi-shot shoots any balls it hits, in a spread shot. -The chain-shot ricochets around the level, destroying anything in its path. Try to develop a rhythm for switching the cannons as soon as possible, as well as using the ball markings to benefit your gameplay. It's easy to get lost in the trails, and end up using one cannon over the other. However, using both back and forth helps cut up the balls from moving closer to the "X" mark. Understanding the markings helps you decide what you need to do to make things easier. Once you fill up the meter, no more balls will appear. If the balls do make it to the "X", it's game over, and you must play again. Sail the seas, find the treasure, and become the greatest pirate in the world!


Use the mouse to aim and fire the cannon. Use the Space bar, or click on the active cannon to switch to another. Hit P to pause the game.

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