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How long can you stay alive in fast and exciting zombie shooter game? You're in survival mode, and the zombies are coming non-stop for a piece of you! Use your trusty machete and an arsenal of guns and Tabasco sauce flames to knock back waves of oncoming zombies from both sides of the screen. Upgrade weapons with cash (you get cash for defeating enemies.), and reload guns with dropped ammo. When you have enough money, the upgrade shop automatically opens the next time you play. Some zombies are stronger, and will come at you running. Others are pretty slow and easy to kill. Get rid of the toughest ones first, but don't let waves crowd you. The key is crowd control with quick blade or gun action. Watch your health meter, and be sure to get out of harm's way when it becomes low. Be on the lookout for health kits to heal yourself. When things get too tough, hit the Enter key, and blow some flames! This knocks back the wave significantly. If you die, it's game over, and you must start again. It's a war of survival--how long will you be able to knock back the army of the dead?


A S keys of left/right arrow keys to move. Down arrow key to pick up items. Enter Key to blow flames when the Tabasco meter is full.

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