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Protect the zombie world from the crazy Maho, in this fast-paced and fun wave shooter game! Ward off big waves of invading Maho with your zombie army! With each new level, unlock new zombies to help in the fight! Maho come in waves of 12 and more, relentlessly heading for the home base. Each time they pass the base line, you lose a life. Get strategic and place your zombie warriors to stop them from coming. Selecting and placing zombies costs money. Stronger zombies cost more than weaker ones. However, placing weaker zombies in close formation causes more damage! Place carefully, and upgrade for stronger fighters! Be sure to place special zombies in each level. Some will help you get hard to kill monsters, such as the invisible Maho. Others will slow down the waves of Maho that might get past you. Try not to have too many open spaces in your formations! If you keep all your health and survive the waves, you can move on to the next level. If you lose all of your health, it's game over!


Use the mouse to play, place zombies, and upgrage/sell them. Move the battle screen around by dragging the green rectangle around in the preview screen. Also works with A,S,W,D and arrow directional keys. N to call the next wave of enemies. U to upgrade zombies. X to sell. P to pause the game. M to mute.

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