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Protect the mushrooms at all costs in this addictive and fun point and shoot enemy wave game! The animals are coming quickly, on the mission to eat up all the mushrooms! Use weapons like rackets, Clubs, and machine guns to put a stop to their munching! Each level has three requirements to get a three star rating. Sometimes you have to complete a task while playing, and sometimes you need to have a required amount of goods still available, after the animals have cleared out. For each completed task, you get a star. While you're beating down the hungry animals, you also get coins to upgrade weapons and game perks! Depending on actions in the game, you can also unlock achievements! (Some are only available on king.com.) There are also mini-games! Some require a certain amount of stars before they can be unlocked. Here's how to play: In Animal Rush, you've got ten lives and unlimited bullets. The object of the game is to stop the animals from crossing the line. In Vault Defence, you must stop the animals from getting into the fault as quickly as possible, by setting traps and hitting them with the racket. Safe breaker: Use the keys provided to open the safes. Each level costs gold. Sometimes you get gold, sometimes you get more keys....and sometimes a monster comes out the safe! Survival can only be played on king.com! When you're done playing, you can always save and quit for another time. Protect the mushrooms!


Use the mouse to point, click, and attack the animals. Use the mouse to also upgrade weapons and get perks in the game.

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