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Build up a great spider army, in this RPG game! Move your spider army to the enemy base, and destroy them! Protect the spider queen! There are two modes of play--Campaign and Skirmish. Campaign mode is all about protecting the queen and destroying the enemy base. Skirmish mode runs the same way, except that you're killing enemies for fun instead of unlocking and upgrading. More about Campaign mode: Develop your army and a strategy before you play. This game relies on tactics and turn-based activity. Anticipate your opponent's moves! Deploy strong spawn armies. In the long run, you want the best protection for the queen, as well as a good offensive front. That way, you don't have to spend spawn points so much. You get evolution points for each kill. Use them to unlock new minions, or to upgrade intelligence. The more you have, the more units you're able to spawn. To be able to spawn, collect spawn points at the end of each round. All units have action and movement points. These determine how many attacks one can do in a turn, and how far one can move. You can also speed up or slow down gameplay to your liking. To get the best out of each fight, make sure to use Psi points to get info on the other team. You have 2 points each round, and have a maximum of four. Any members surviving rounds will get 10 health points added to their hp meter. Hover over a unit to see how much of their health bar remains. Save the queen and destroy the enemy!


Use the mouse to move or attack a target with clicks. Spacebar to skip a turn.

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