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Defend the castle in the air, in this fast-paced and exciting enemy wave shooter game. Create vessels to protect the castle, quickly upgrading and stopping the enemies. Stop them from destroying the castle. You must survive for eight days before the other tribe comes to help. This game requires great strategy. Don't just create vessels and use mana. Watch the skies and gauge where the enemy is coming. Place your vessels there. Once you get enough mana, you can place upgraded ships. Hoard your mana carefully, using it for upgrades and vessels in balance. It helps if you send out vessels side by side on each turn. Create a rhythm, and you'll fill the mana gauge in no time. Fight to also get experience points to use in upgrades on the main screen. Create a strong fleet force, and protect the castle!


Use the mouse to create units, upgrade them, and to upgrade the army on the main screen.

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