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Take to the skies in this fun and addictive flight game. You are a penguin on a mission to fly high and stay there. There's three modes of play--story mode, classic, and arcade mode. Once you choose a mode, you have to complete it to try others. Slide and wait until you leave the ramp. Destroy all five obstacles ahead by hitting them. You score cash by distance, altitude, speed, duration, and destruction. Play challenge mode to get extra cash. Use the cash to upgrade your ramp, fuel, and more to hit your targets. Each day is recorded. You game is also auto-saved. Take cash earned to upgrade to fly farther in the air. Upgrades cover things like flight boost, ramp re-sizes, sleighs, and more. In other words, it helps you stay in the air for a longer amount of time, with better additions such as kites and ramp length. Completing challenges earns you more money. They include doing things such as destroying obstacles, reaching a certain height, or diving into the sea! You can also earn medals for doing things like playing for a long time, or using the worst glider to get far. Learn how to fly and burst through the obstacles in your way!


Use A and D, or the mouse to control flight. Space bar to boost. Any key to activate special sleighs.

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