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Take to the skies in space to fulfill your mission as a drone destroyer, in this exciting and fun shooter game. You are half robot, half dragon, and your mission to destroy all things spans through various galaxies. There are three levels of gameplay--easy, normal, and hard. Easy mode is where you do more damage than your enemies. Normal mode, the damage is equal. Hard mode, enemies do 150% damage, and you only do 50%. Move quickly as swarms of enemies come at you. Each hit you take reduces your hit points. Once you lose them all, you will have to start from the beginning. Try to move and shoot at the same time, creating a path for yourself. You have two weapons to fight with per level. To use them, press the corresponding buttons to protect yourself. Each time you use either weapon, you lose magic energy. To regain energy, search for blue (replenish magic power) and green atoms (replenish hp) scattered throughout the game screen. As you fight enemies, you will gain exp. This helps you become stronger, so you can travel to more difficult stages. At the end of each stage are powerful bosses--your main targets--that need to be destroyed as soon as possible. Once you defeat a boss, you get new weapons to use.


Arrow keys to move A Key is primary weapon S Key is other weapon Q Key changes quality

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