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Defend your father's golden hoard in this fun and addictive defense game. Pick up and throw enemies invading the land. Scratch 'em up to stop them from storming the daddy dragon! Prepare for the waves of invaders to get tougher with each level. Some of them are too heavy to pick up and throw. Others may run quickly, and get close to the daddy dragon. Bosses are even worse! They tend to throw things. If you don't catch them, the daddy dragon gets hurt. Create a strategy to eliminate them. The faster you move, the better protected the big red dragon will be. Collect money to buy badges to upgrade, buy mercenaries, a gym health kits, and more in the store. You can heal and upgrade while paused. You can only have three health kits. To use them, press F. When things get too rough, you can resort to flinging piles of giant dragon poo to eliminate crowds of enemies. There's upgrades on these too. (The spicy version packs an atomic punch.) Earn medals by performing certain tasks in the game. They range from watching the intro, to things like killing enemies. The game autosaves, so you don't have to worry about manual saving, or lost progress. If the daddy dragon dies, it's game over! Can you protect the golden treasure and your dragon father's life?


A/D scroll Left Right P to pause W to immediately pick up a poop bomb F to heal the dragon with a med kit SHIFT to see all enemy hp bars Click - Drag - And Fling to send enemies flying. Repeatedly click to claw your enemies to death

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