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You are the owner of a laundromat, and it's your job to make sure all the customers have clean, dry, and pressed clothes on time! In this fast-paced, fun strategy game, the object is to move quickly to complete the orders, going from station to station until the laundry is back to the customer. Move quickly! The longer the customer waits, the more hearts you lose. When the all the customers' hearts are out, they leave your store! When they leave, you lose a life! If customers continue to leave, and you lose all your hearts, it's game over! Each level increases how many customers come in at a time. Try not to mix up their orders by paying attention to the faces on the laundry loads. Create a chain of command to flow smoothly. Try keeping it in this order-- Washer-->Dryer-->Folding Machine-->Customer. Good luck!


Use the mouse to accept laundry, use the machines, and click options in the game.

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