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What is Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm you ask? Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm is an asteroids like twin stick shmup arcade game, but with a unique rpg-like level and equipment progression. You, a terran fleet commodore and pilot, command the Starfire, the Terran space fleet's flagship. Asteroids infested by the swarm are heading for your Homeworld, so it is your honor and duty to defend your homeworld from the incoming invasion. The Swarm is an artificial intelligence singularity bent on conquering the entire universe, in an endless search for a greater supply of energy and information. So it has set one of its eyes on your homeworld. You are to take Starfire on a solo mission inside the incoming asteroids, and eliminate them before they awaken start a full scale invasion of the homeworld. Since, even in the future, faster than light engines are still the stuff of science fiction, the swarm uses asteroids to spread itself across the galaxy. Asteroids are resource rich and provide shelter from the harshness of deep space. So the swarm redirects the asteroids towards the star systems they want to invade, then mine them and take shelter in them, lying dormant inside the asteroids until they reach other civilizations' homeworlds. They are not expecting you to intercept them with Starfire and foil their plans. Starfire is a special, high maneuverability spaceship, capable of navigating the intricate caverns inside the asteroids and fight the swarm of enemies within the tight spaces there. Swarms of enemies await you inside asteroids of varying sizes, and Starfire, even though the strongest spaceship in the fleet, will still need upgrades to survive. Destroy swarm ships to gain minerals, and use the minerals to upgrade Starfire. Pilot and upgrade Starfire, navigate the incoming asteroids, save your Homeworld, put an end to the swarm invasion. The game is in active development. There are only 5 levels currently, but more levels are added every week. HOW TO PLAY: - use the on-screen twin stick controls to navigate and shoot - shoot your way to the end of the level to progress to the next level - use the in-game store to upgrade your spaceship, Starfire, with the minerals you find FEATURES: - twin stick shoot em up controls - an original equipment system where you can equip and upgrade up to 8 shields/armors and weapons separately on Starfire - (beta) a few levels, more to come - an in-game store where you can upgrade your spaceship with minerals you find while playing HELP: starfire.asteroids.of.the.swarm@ludicmind.com and we'll gladly answer any of your questions.


WASD + left mouse click

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