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Fruit punch is a game which resembles a puzzle . The concept is based on selecting the fruits and matching them .The matching is done according among the same fruits.Different fruits can ‘t be matched. The game starts with a bunch of fruits placed randomly in a box and here the option called shake can be used to obtain the right order of the fruits .Shake option enhances the alignment of the fruits when ever the pair of fruits selected by the player vanishes . The player should concentrate on the right pair along with the time limit. If the time is elapsed there would be no more chance to continue with the game. The score is displayed based on the fruits that are matched by the player more matching enhances the score. There is limit in the single fruit matching in the game .There would be only ten single fruits with the help of that fruits can be eliminated this can be utilized when the player is in baffled state to find out the fruits in order. The shake option has also got a threshold of ten times . The time initially starts from 20 sec and ascends till zero after that the game comes to an end. The maximum number of matching should be done before the time elapses .The Instructions to be followed are mentioned below


use mouse left click to punch fruits

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