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In this fast-paced and fun time management strategy game, chateau owners Sarah and Doug are starting new lives in France, and have decided to use their new space as a hotel. It's your job to move quickly, giving all of their customers what they want. Pay close attention to their speech bubbles to figure out where to place them in the hotel. If you hesitate, guests get bored and will leave the hotel. If you move quickly, you score points for every right move. When you've set up the guests where they want to be, it takes a few seconds for them to complete the task. As soon as they're out, select them, and put them back on the couches or chairs until they have a new need. Some characters will want to do things with other guests who might not be available. Choose wisely before you place guests in rooms. Each level has a score requirement to pass. If you fail when time runs out, you must replay the level. To improve your hotel's items, remember to answer the phone and go to different events.


Use the mouse to point, click, and select options in the game.

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