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Go head to head with famous football stars from all over England's Premiere League team, in this fun football game! There are two modes of play--New Championship, and Two Player mode. Each mode's game time lasts for a minute per round. New Championship is a multi-round match with two opposing teams. Once you've chose your playing field, you go head to head--LITERALLY--with an opposing player to get the football into the goal until time runs out. There are 17 fields to choose from, and each has bars and circles that prevent your ball from reaching certain heights. In Two-Player mode, you and a friend play against one another, until time runs out. The object of the game is to move quickly, and anticipate openings and opponent moves. Kick hard, but not too hard so the ball misses the goal. Don't let the ball get behind you, or you'll be scoring goals for the opposite team! Try to outfox the other player by hitting weak spots. When he jumps up, steal a goal. When he's away from the goal, spread out and kick the ball over his head! Prove YOUR football head is the best!


To kick, use Spacebar or P. To move, use W, A, D, or the directional keys. In two-player mode, player one uses the W, A, D keys and the Spacebar. Player two uses the directional keys and P.

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