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In this brain-teasing, fun hidden item game, you are a beautiful young girl who has been sucked into a magical kingdom. To find your way home, you must find a magic relic to open the gate. Search your way through levels of hidden objects and treasures to move to your next destination. Each level is timed, and you have three minutes to find everything on the list. If you get stuck, you have three chances to use hints. Save them for when you REALLY get stuck. If you run out of time, you can replay a level. You can also choose to save your game, and continue from the main menu. Remember to carefully comb through the scenes as efficiently as possible. A lot of items are in plain sight, but many are obscured by their size and color. You could be looking directly at something you need! Complete all the levels, and finish chapter 1 of this exciting story. Can you help the beautiful heroine be on her way?


Use the mouse to point, click, and find objects on the game screen.

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