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These crazy clouds are cramping your style!


Robin's controls: A and D - Run. 1 - Activate "Ghost Cloud" (red ghost icon). 2 - Activate "Break Cloud' (hammer icon). 3 - Activate "Hyperspeed" (wing icon). 4 - Activate "Slow Down Time" (clock icon). Bonnie's control: Left and Right arrow keys - Run. 6 - Activate "Ghost Cloud" (red ghost icon). 7 - Activate "Break Cloud' (hammer icon). 8 - Activate "Hyperspeed" (wing icon). 9 - Activate "Slow Down Time" (clock icon). Keep running and jumping down until you get to the bottom. If you get pushed to the top of the screen, you'll lose a life (you have 3 lives at the start of the game). Pick up everything except for bombs. Hearts give you an extra life.

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