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Lock, load, and get ready to protect the military base, in this exciting shooter game. The enemy is coming in small waves, and it's your job to take them out before they destroy the base! Aim and shoot one enemy at a time with your gun. It takes more than one shot to get the bad guys, and you'll have to reload. Once you get rid of the bad guys, you have the option to upgrade your gun and repair base damages. Shoot to kill all objects and targets on the field. This includes enemies, jeeps, and tanks. You get more money for accuracy and head-shots. So, don't just release a spray of fire! Each level increases in difficulty. Make sure to repair the base before going into battle. Once it's destroyed, it's game over! You can always start over and show the enemies who's the boss!


Use the mouse to aim and shoot. R to reload. Space to use the scope.

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