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This shooting game is full of heart-pumping action, and it's your job to defeat the enemy. There are four levels of play. Easy is suggested for new players. Medium is normal, Hard is tougher, and Massacre is for the most experienced. You have seven guns to choose from, and each starts out with a certain amount of bullets. You can use any gun you wish by pressing numbers 1-7. Your enemies are the red guys, and you must shoot them before they shoot you. You have unlimited time to get them. Shoot carefully, because you lose bullets with every shot. Once you kill an enemy, they drop their gun and you get to replenish ammo in one of your guns. If you get killed, you will restart at the last checkpoint. This means you will have to restart certain levels. Shoot to kill, get all the red guys before they get you!


Move using the W A S D keys. Shoot with L M B or the left mouse button. Rotate character with mouse. Change gun using 1-7. Turn scenery to slow motion with space bar. To quit, stop hero's movement and hit space again.

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